The Cult Entertainment Icon Celebrates Spring – and Wayne Powers!
“Uncle Floyd” Vivino

Not unlike Soupy Sales and long before Pee Wee Herman, Floyd Vivino took New Jersey – and later the country – by storm with his cult “Kiddie TV Show” for adults, which ran for an amazing 24 years, spawning a record album and many singles.

Floyd and his fan, David Bowie

His avid fans included many rock stars, including the Ramones and David Bowie, who immortalized Floyd and his puppet pal, Oogie, in his now-classic tune, “Slip Away,” (Click here for video).

These days, I’m delighted to report that “Uncle Floyd” Vivino still regularly performs live throughout the east coast, along with hosting his popular weekly New York radio show, “Uncle Floyd’s Garage Sale Music,” which features Floyd sharing personal favorites from his archival warehouse of over one million recordings.

The show is broadcast locally and live streamed around the world.  On any given Saturday, you’ll enjoy the most eclectic music mix from a wide variety of styles and eras – from Jolson to Joplin – old faves, novelties and ultra rarities you’ll hear nowhere else.  Great fun!

This past Saturday, Floyd once again featured one of my recordings on his show with, I’m honored to say, glowing praise for his old friend.

Here’s just a little taste from the show, noteworthy for providing a perfect example of the broad spectrum of great talent he features every week.  Enjoy!



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