“Classic comedy is a treasured part of our uniquely American heritage and the legacy of humanity itself.  

It needs to be kept alive and vibrant for us to enjoy anew, while being preserved and passed down as a gift for future generations of scholars, performers – and, most importantly, for just plain folks who love to laugh.”

A dedicated comedy historian, Wayne has assisted with several books, including Chris Costello’s delightful recollections of her comedian father, Lou Costello, of Abbott & Costello.  (“Lou’s On First“; 1981, St. Martin’s Press). Happily, it’s available again in print and Kindle editions HERE.

One of the four great silent comedians of American cinema: HARRY LANGDON (1884-1944)
One of the four great silent comedians of American cinema: HARRY LANGDON (1884-1944)

Powers is an avid aficionado and collector/archivist of classic comedy – from burlesque to vaudeville to radio and the golden age of TV – and from early talkies to silent film comedies.

Wayne’s insight and commentary of the subject of comedy is sought after internationally.  (Click HERE to watch his Canadian TV news interview regarding the demise of MAD Magazine.)

Powers has always held a special fondness for the uniquely talented silent comedy great, Harry Langdon, and was a major contributor of material to William Schelly’s groundbreaking book, “Harry Langdon,” (1982, Scarecrow Press).

Now revised, expanded, and reprinted with many additional photographs from Wayne’s personal collection, Harry Langdon: His Life and Films, (2008, McFarland).

All-Day Entertainment has produced a fabulous, long-overdue four-disc DVD set, HARRY LANGDON:  LOST AND FOUND, for which Wayne provided some original film source material, recorded commentaries on two of the films, and was one of several film historians who penned insightful essays for the DVD booklet.

Stan & Ollie

“Find someone younger than yourself and sit down with them to watch a classic Laurel & Hardy comedy.  Share the joy and laughter.  Unless you’re too busy curing cancer or establishing peace in the Middle East, you can’t be doing much that’s more important or helpful to humankind.”