Life goes by too quickly.  It’s hard to believe that it’s been 25 years since I recorded my last CD, “Plain Old Me,”  with my “Hoi Polloi” band back in Los Angeles in 1993.  But simple math can be unforgiving.

In the intervening quarter century, my life has been full with both the poignant and the joyous – as all lives are.

I’ve been working on getting my vocal “chops” back up for the last few years with the idea of getting back into the studio and giving voice to the last 25 years of life and love – as I’ve lived it and felt it.

“I’ve got so much inside me still left unsung.”

And so, with The Great American Songbook as my script, I’ve selected some truly classic and wonderful tunes that speak deeply to me and, hopefully, to you.  Some you’ll know and a few you may not – yet.

I’m excited and honored to be working with some top-flight jazz musicians on this recording:  Ziad Rabie, Sax.  Keith Davis, Piano.  Ron Brendle, Acoustic Bass. Alfred Sergel IV, Drums.  This is a magical combination!

I hope you’ll listen to the new album when it’s released and that you ‘ll enjoy it…

… but, more than that, I hope you’ll BE A PART OF IT.

Yes, you can participate and here’s a short video (under 2 minutes) to explain more.

And here’s the link referred to in the video:



Happier Days in Beaumont, Texas

The sadness of watching the devastation from Hurricane Harvey on the news was softened somewhat by seeing Good Samaritans come forward to help rescue friends, neighbors and absolute strangers – along with their beloved pets.  That’s Texas for you.  Nowhere is that inspirational spirit more evident than in Beaumont and Port Arthur.  I know it first-hand.

It was just over 30 years ago that I spent some time there on location for a film with longtime friend Paul Sorvino, Abe Vigoda, Lorne Greene, Ina Balin, June Wilkinson, John Moskoff and many others.

Wayne and Paul Sorvino enjoy a laugh on the set of “Vasectomy – A Delicate Matter.” (1986)

I still have such fond memories of the warm hospitality and gracious welcome we received from the good folks of Beaumont while we lived, worked and played there for several weeks.

Ironically, as we were heading back to Los Angeles after weeks in Beaumont, the town was hunkering down against another major storm – Hurricane Bonnie – scary then but, by comparison, just a little sister to Harvey.

Now, as we all send prayers and pitch in to help (in person or via the Red Cross or your preferred charity), there’s still room (and a need) for a smile  — so, with love, here’s a little snippet from the comedy we filmed there on location back in 1986.


Fondly Remembering HARRY “THE HIPSTER” GIBSON…
… On His 102nd Birthday.

Frantic and eccentric … Rockin’ and Rollin’ twenty years before Elvis, Harry was a true master of boogie woogie piano — and every other musical style, too!

HARRY “The Hipster” GIBSON
Julliard trained, he blazed his own musical trail and was popular during the mid-1940’s during the heyday of the “Zoot suit with the drape shape and the reet pleat.”  Today, Harry is often remembered for the dubious distinction of being arrested with jazz pal and drug buddy Billie Holiday.  


After a relatively short time in the spotlight, Gibson drifted into obscurity, only to be rediscovered thirty years later by a small but devoted contingent of fans from new generations.

His decades of living in the fast lane, however, had reached its peak (or valley) — and his self-destructive lifestyle finally took its tragic toll in 1991, when Harry took his own life.
Jazz radio legend, CHUCK NILES.


Jazz radio legend Chuck Niles was a good friend of Harry’s and, when I recorded “Stop That Dancin’ Up There,” a wild Gibson trademark tune, (see link below), Chuck was the first to give it repeated air play and invited me into the studio several times to talk about it.  Niles commented on the air that, aside from Harry himself, I was the only other singer to ever do Gibson’s music justice — and that’s a badge of honor I still wear paradoxically — with both pride and humility.

27th June 1915 – 9th May 1991

HERE’S HARRY IN HIS PRIME, performing his signature tune, “Handsome Harry the Hipster.”  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xm3HdISZLKc

HERE’S MY RECORDING of Harry Gibson’s “Stop That Dancin’ Up There,” as presented by my buddy, “Uncle Floyd” Vivino, on his New York radio show: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KmYynbpuLIg

Memorial Day: The WHAT, WHY — and WHY NOT

This shouldn’t have to be a “day to vent” for me or anyone, but I really need to get something off my chest today.

At “Villa Wayno,” our American flag waves proudly but respectfully at half-staff on Memorial Day.

It’s Memorial Day – and I’m concerned as  I begin to wonder what’s happening to our country as it gradually declines into a self-centered “participation award” pop pseudo-culture. Continue reading “Memorial Day: The WHAT, WHY — and WHY NOT”

“Big Butter and Egg Man”

When we moved production from Hollywood down to Texas for the second season of “13 East” (NBC), the folks in Dallas were so warm and welcoming in so many ways – even presenting me with a Texas flag which had flown over the capital in Austin.

They really made us feel right at home – and, of course, I had to show my appreciation by getting into the Texas spirit.
Here I am arriving for a public appearance at a rodeo – complete with Tony Lama snakeskin boots & matching belt w/sterling buckle set, a 7x Stetson and a brand new Cadillac Eldorado with my “preferred vantage point” parking spot adjacent to the women’s restroom!  Is it any wonder that producer Scoey Mitchlll introduced me as “Wayne Powers – that Big Butter and Egg Man.”  Yeehah!  What great fun we had!
If you’re unfamiliar with the term, “Big Butter and Egg Man,” CLICK HERE for a wonderful YouTube video Doc Cheatham & Carrie Smith performing this classic tune in a tribute to the great Louis Armstrong.
Ironically, this jazz festival performance was from 1990 – the same time as the photo!
For further info, visit the “13 East” page HERE.

“All Hail the Cat”


Combing the archives turned up this fun recording done several years ago with some extraordinary talented folks.

Give yourself a “Cheshire grin” and check it out right meow!