“Big Butter and Egg Man”

When we moved production from Hollywood down to Texas for the second season of “13 East” (NBC), the folks in Dallas were so warm and welcoming in so many ways – even presenting me with a Texas flag which had flown over the capital in Austin.

They really made us feel right at home – and, of course, I had to show my appreciation by getting into the Texas spirit.
Here I am arriving for a public appearance at a rodeo – complete with Tony Lama snakeskin boots & matching belt w/sterling buckle set, a 7x Stetson and a brand new Cadillac Eldorado with my “preferred vantage point” parking spot adjacent to the women’s restroom!  Is it any wonder that producer Scoey Mitchlll introduced me as “Wayne Powers – that Big Butter and Egg Man.”  Yeehah!  What great fun we had!

If you’re unfamiliar with the term, “Big Butter and Egg Man,” CLICK HERE for a wonderful YouTube video Doc Cheatham & Carrie Smith performing this classic tune in a tribute to the great Louis Armstrong.
Ironically, this jazz festival performance was from 1990 – the same time as the photo!
For further info, visit the “13 East” page HERE.

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