Life goes by too quickly.  It’s hard to believe that it’s been 25 years since I recorded my last CD, “Plain Old Me,”  with my “Hoi Polloi” band back in Los Angeles in 1993.  But simple math can be unforgiving.

In the intervening quarter century, my life has been full with both the poignant and the joyous – as all lives are.

I’ve been working on getting my vocal “chops” back up for the last few years with the idea of getting back into the studio and giving voice to the last 25 years of life and love – as I’ve lived it and felt it.

“I’ve got so much inside me still left unsung.”

And so, with The Great American Songbook as my script, I’ve selected some truly classic and wonderful tunes that speak deeply to me and, hopefully, to you.  Some you’ll know and a few you may not be familiar with – yet.

The result is a personal yet universal saga of love lost and love found.  We’ve all been there and each tune on this album dwells with authenticity in a different aspect of the eternal story which you’ll probably recognize — in some cases, all too well.

There is a select array of torch songs, or what I call “saloon songs” — heartfelt ballads you’ll associate with a jukebox and wet quarters and soggy dollar bills in some dimly lit barroom.

And then there are those uplifting tunes of love’s pure, unbridled joy.

It’s all captured on this album.

I’m excited and honored to be working with some top-flight jazz musicians on this special recording:  Ziad Rabie, Sax.  Keith Davis, Piano.  Ron Brendle, Acoustic Bass. Al Sergel, Drums.  This is a magical combination of talent that makes each of the 14 tunes sparkle in their own unique way.

I HOPE YOU’LL STAY TUNED for the upcoming release date – and that you’ll share in the truth, love and joy we all brought to this special project, appropriately titled, “IF LOVE WERE ALL.”

The album will soon be available for digital download on many online music platforms, as a CD — and also, as a limited edition 180 gram audiophile vinyl double LP!

Until that time…


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