The World Just Got a Little Colder: “Mr. Warmth” is Gone

He was a true original.  Don Rickles, also known as “The Merchant of Venom,” was an equal-opportunity rapid-fire insult machine.

“Mr. Warmth”

But his relentless barbs caused laughter, not tears – except for all those times we laughed so hard that tears came down our cheeks.

He was 90 years old with a career spanning over half a century.  Somehow, though, it still wasn’t enough.  For myself and his millions of other fans, I guess part of us thought there would ALWAYS be a Don Rickles.

Rest in Peace, Don.  (Or please come back and haunt us ANYTIME!)


8 May 1926 – 8 April 2006

Here’s a brief video of Don, mid-roast for Johnny Carson, finding a new victim in my friend Jim Mulholland, (at that time, the youngest writer for Johnny’s “Tonight Show.”)  Enjoy.

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  1. I think Don Rickles was an American treasure. I don’t think there’s a week that goes by that I don’t check out one of his performances on YouTube. I don’t know if there’s anyone who is more funny than Mr. Rickles. He was simply a pleasure to watch as he amazingly fired off one joke after another. There never was….and there probably never will be….anyone like him ever again.

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