… Quite a while ago, I was interviewed by author/broadcaster Bob O’Brien (Bob Leszczak) about my experiences doing two short-lived TV series on NBC back in the 1980’s, (“Me & Mrs. C” and “13 East”).

Bob was very knowledgeable about the shows and we had a delightful chat – but that was, as I said, quite a while ago and I had completely forgotten about it.

Well, Bob’s latest book is now out and “Single Season Sitcoms of the 1980’s – A Complete Guide” is just as advertised and more – an amazingly complete guide to a wide array of comedy shows no longer forgotten and I’m very pleased to be a very small part of this impressive work.

Both shows he interviewed me about actually had abbreviated second seasons, so they are discussed at length in the appendix, “Shows Invited Back,”

Bob’s research is very impressive and the book is a really fun read, just as is his previous companion book which I’ve had in my library for some time now, “Single Season Sitcoms 1948-1979”).

Here’s the Amazon link if you’d like to pick up one or both of these recommended books:…/…/0786499583

Happy reading!


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