“A MAN AND HIS HORN” – Inspiring Doc Severinsen

During production of “13 East,” (NBC. 1989-90), I regularly practiced my trumpet in my dressing room – despite the protests from Diana Bellamy, whose dressing room was next-door.  

Diana Bellamy reacts to the melodic tone of Wayne’s trumpet


The louder Diana protested, the louder I played – and it wound up becoming a really fun part of our fond sparring – a dependable source of laughter both on camera and off.

(Yes, the writers worked my trumpet into the show, causing me to ask for a raise and causing producer Scoey Mitchlll to suggest a salary reduction!)
Trumpet master “DOC” SEVERINSEN.
My musical prowess on the trumpet may not have been the “talk of the network,” but it actually did inspire Doc Severinsen, (then leader of the NBC Orchestra on “The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson”).
Yes, master trumpeter Doc Severinsen was inspired to send me his photo with this personal inscription:
“Wayne, Why? Best, Doc.”
It still hangs in my office all these years later, while I continue trying to come up with an answer.

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