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YUP, CAN’T HELP IT – THE GOOD NEWS JUST STARTS SWINGIN’ when Brett Dean’s Shout Section Big Band and I invade Chicago’s WGN-TV studios to perform LIVE during the Midday News!

Turn up the sound, click the picture and enjoy!

Swingin’ on LIVE TV!

Tune in or DVR so you don’t miss the Shout Section Big Band and I invading Chicago’s WGN-TV Midday News! We’ll swing hard, show no mercy and take no prisoners!


I’ve never claimed to be a Sinatra impressionist or “tribute artist” (although he was certainly a tremendous influence on me – and every other singer of The Great American Songbook).

But singing a classic Cole Porter tune like “I’ve Got You Under My Skin” with a big band swinging the Sinatra trademark Nelson Riddle arrangement, I just couldn’t resist paying homage and tribute to “Ol’ Blue Eyes” and “The Chairman of the Board.”

So I hope you enjoy this brief glimpse of my humble but joyous voyage into Sinatra Land with the Shout Section Big Band.

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With the Shout Section Big Band at Fitzgerald’s Night Club

The Wind Beneath My Wings

As a jazz vocalist, that’s what a really swingin’ big band is to me.
It’s like being backed up by a mighty jet engine – lifting us all off the ground together – and letting me sing like I’m dancing in the sky. There’s simply nothing like it.

IF YOU’RE IN THE CHICAGOLAND AREA (or can get there!)… don’t miss this! We’re gonna have a ball!

WAYNE POWERS with the SHOUT SECTION BIG BAND – LIVE – at Chicagoland’s legendary FITZGERALD’S!